Ethiopia, Tega & Tula


Certified Organic & Direct Trade

Tasting notes

Light Roast: Sweet with apricot marmalade and floral notes and a clean finish.


Tega and Tula villages, Bonga, Kibo, Limu

Growing Altitude

1830m – 1860m asl


Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties

Processing Method

Washed and sun-dried

The Farm

Tega & Tula

The Story

Tega & Tula Farm is located in the Keffa zone, which is an area famous for being the birthplace of Ethiopian coffee. We chose to source our Ethiopian coffee from Tega & Tula because the owner, Ahadu Woubshet, shares our commitment to helping local communities. The land the farm occupies straddles the villages of Tega and Tula and many of the farm’s staff members live in these communities. The farm also pays a well-above-average rate to the hundreds of community members who assist with picking the coffee cherries during harvest season.