Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability & Ethics

At Needmore, we pour the highest quality, ethically-sourced coffees to cultivate a space for genuine human connections. But connection is about walking the walk, not just saying that it’s important. That’s why our daily business practices are committed to helping our community, not just our bottom-line.

Here’s how we make sure every cup has more than just delicious coffee inside:

We love the earth

Some ways we try to lessen our negative environmental impact:

  • Organic coffee
  • Make less waste in landfills by using:
    • Biodegradable plastic cups and lids
    • Compostable paper straws plus bamboo folks, knives, and spoons
    • Recyclable hot lids
    • Biotre compostable coffee bags by Pacific Bags, 60% compostable and made from 100% renewable materials
  • Recycling and reusing whatever we can:
    • Encourage reuse by offering a discount to those who bring their own cup
    • Coffee bar furnished with refurbished chairs and couch
    • Donate used grounds to Fable Farms [Fable Farms]
  • Reduce energy use with LED light bulbs and gas (not electric) barrel coffee roaster
  • Butterfly-friendly wildflower garden
  • Grow our own vegetables for Needmore food offerings [Menu]

We love our neighbors

  • We’re committed to helping others who support our values, both nearby and far away.
  • We source from local and organic providers. They pay people a living wage too.
  • Direct trade lets us cut out the middleman and collaborate with farmers directly. This means we can contribute to farms dedicated to environmental, economical, and social sustainability.
  • Work with cooperatives and follow fair-trade practices as human decency in action.
  • Certified Dementia Friendly Business [Dementia Friendly Businesses]
  • Regular donations to local events and non-profits [Needmore Gives]

We love our values

  • Supporting women/equality
  • Supporting life of dignity, not just survival
  • Treating every person with courtesy and kindness.
  • No one gets turned away. Ever.