Local coffee shops, like Needmore Coffee Roasters, pride themselves on being more than places to get a hot beverage or a bag of freshly roasted beans. We are gathering spaces for the community–places where you can work and play in good company. We are protectors of the environment, staunch supporters of fair labor practices, and important advocates for Bloomington’s most vulnerable residents

Being a good neighbor means taking care of your community, and we all need a little extra care during this time of uncertainty. From our roasters and baristas to our coffee suppliers, the effects of the unfolding health crisis is being felt across the coffee world. During this time, local businesses, including coffee shops, need your continued support in order to keep our doors open. That’s why we are asking you to please consider donating to support our survival. Any contribution you can make will help to lessen the effects of this crisis.  

We have been so lucky to be your local coffee shop. We have loved getting to know all of you over the past few years, whether you’ve come to see us at a farmer’s market or you’ve become a regular at our shop. Needmore Coffee Roasters will still continue serving drinks and food-to-go as long as possible. All of us anxiously await the day when we can put this crisis behind us and get back to what we do best–knitting together our community–, but we need your help to make that future a reality.