Honduras, 18 Rabbit

Honduras, 18 Rabbit

Certified Organic & Direct Trade

Tasting notes

Light Roast: Silky sweet body, nice acidity, tropical fruit notes.


Marcala, Honduras

Growing Altitude

1400m asl


Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai

Processing Method

Anaerobic Natural Process

Certified Organic


The Farm

13 farmers total; average farm size is 3 hectares

The Story

The 18 Rabbit farms are truly a family affair, owned by Señora Flhor, her mother, and 11 other members of her immediate and extended family. The farm is named after Uaxaclajuun Un’aah K’awiil, the 13th ruler of the Mayans, who also went by the name 18 Rabbit. These direct trade practices have allowed Flhor and her family to be paid over 300% higher wages than in the past. Their exceptional organic practices result in this amazing coffee.