We think that the best local coffee roasters are those who emphasize transparency. They want you to know where your coffee came from and who made it. That’s why on the Needmore Coffee Blog we share stories about the farmers, roasters, and baristas who produce our coffee. We want the online community to know about the passion and effort that goes into every cup of coffee we serve. Luckily, we are not alone in using the internet to bring greater transparency to coffee production. These days, many of the best local coffee roasters and coffee enthusiasts are also active in the blogosphere. Here is a roundup of some of the coffee blogs that we are reading right now:

1. Sprudge

Sprudge is an incredible site for immersing yourself in global coffee culture and journalism. They feature stories about coffee from writers all over the world, as well as job postings, events, interviews with the best coffee roasters, and product reviews. This Portland-based publication even has a podcast. It’s called Coffee Sprudgecast.

2. Dear Coffee, I Love You

If you are looking for stories about the intersections between good coffee and good design, look no further than Brian W. Jones’s blog. Here, you’ll find specialty coffee culture at its finest. From artsy coffee-brewing images to product reviews and gift guides, this blog will help you design your perfect home-brew setup.

3. The Coffeetographer

The Coffeetographer is a webzine run by visual artist Chérmelle Edwards. It focuses on the aesthetic aspects of coffee culture—the people and places that make our experiences with coffee memorable and distinctive. Visit this site if you are looking to inspire wanderlust. Her gorgeous photojournalism, interviews and short-form posts celebrate specialty coffee culture around the world.

4. The Coffee Compass 

If you are looking for the best local coffee roasters in cities all over the world, the guys at The Coffee Compass are happy to help. The blog’s content is created by folks who know coffee: Istanbul coffee consultant Michael Butterworth and San Francisco home roaster Darren Jennings. The site even has an interactive map so that you can find great coffee on the go, wherever in the world you might be traveling.