At Needmore Coffee, we like our coffee beans to showcase the uniqueness of the Bloomington community. That’s why we are so excited to announce our newest coffee creation—the Lotus Backstage Blend. We created the Lotus Backstage Blend in honor of a Bloomington gem: the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival.

What’s the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival?

If you have yet to experience this fabulous Bloomington institution, get ready for a treat. For over 25 years, Lotus has treated our little college town to 4-5 days of music and art from around the globe. In fact, the festival is one of the oldest world music festivals in the United States. Even cooler, it is also the only festival of its kind in the state of Indiana. We are thrilled to be able to partner with a local institution whose values reflect the mission of our coffee roastery. One thing we especially love about the festival is that it brings people together in downtown to experience sights and sounds far removed from their everyday experience. As their website states:

“Lotus is distinguished among festivals by not relying on ‘headliners’, but rather presenting a non-hierarchical mix of performers and prioritizing discovery and inspiring encounters with the new and often unfamiliar.” 

Why choose the Lotus Backstage Blend?

There is a lot to love about our newest coffee bean blend. The Lotus Backstage Blend brings together two of our favorite single-origin coffee beans: natural process Honduras 18 Rabbit and wet process Mexico Chiapas.  When you brew a cup of Lotus Backstage you can expect a smooth-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate-covered cherries. This specialty crafted coffee bean blend is just the thing to keep you dancing in the streets of Bloomington all night long.

Even better, by choosing these coffee beans, you get to help power the Lotus World Arts & Music Festival. The generosity of our local businesses and members of our community makes this festival possible. Consequently, you can feel great knowing that 30% of every purchase helps the Lotus mission to experience, celebrate and, explore the diversity of the world’s cultures through music and arts. Brew a cup and show some love to Lotus!